About us

With a reputation for excellence, and a track record in high quality training of students, the department strives to provide a stimulating and supportive academic community. The Department boasts strong industry links and ongoing development in facilities, offering a range of options for study at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level.

Both the University and the Department enjoy enviable industry links. Lecturers from industry contribute to the teaching of both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and also sponsor research projects, greatly enhancing the student experience.

The Department is active in research and enterprise with academic staff and research students engaged in many high profile and important research projects that continue to have a real world impact.

Undergraduate Study

At ESUT you will study morden principles and applications that underpin many important industries with an emphasis on hands-on learning. Our Department provides you with a stimulating and supportive learning environment and the opportunity to develop a wide range of transferable skills.


Ifeanyi Asogwah, Prof. Frank  00000000000  frank.asogwah@esut.edu.ng
Prof. Gab, Agu Agu  08025987432  gab.agu@esut.edu.ng
Michael Ntumy, Prof. Michael  00000000000  michael.ntumy@esut.edu.ng
Uchenna Ortuanya, Prof. Simon  00000000000  simon.ortuanya@esut.edu.ng
Boniface Obinna, Prof. Okere  00000000000  boniface.okere@esut.edu.ng
Chukwu Amari, Prof. Omaka  00000000000  amari.omaka@esut.edu.ng
Jude Odinkonigbo, Dr. Jude  00000000000  jude.odinkonigbo@esut.edu.ng
Onyema Ochioha, Barr. Onyema  00000000000  onyema.ochioha@esut.edu.ng
Obumneme Okafor, Barr. Obumneme  00000000000  obumneme.okafor@esut.edu.ng
Egudu Maria, Barr. Egudu  00000000000  maria.egudu@esut.edu.ng
Justus Nwabueze, Barr. Ugwu  00000000000  nwabueze.ugwu@esut.edu.ng
Rowland Akande, Dr. Rowland  00000000000  rowland.akande@esut.edu.ng
Augustine Obiobasi, Barr. Augustine  00000000000  augustine.obiobasi@esut.edu.ng
Dr. Edeh, Kingsley Nwabueze  07085432179  kingsley.edeh@esut.edu.ng
Ezeugwu Kingsley, Barr. Ezeugwu  07145287941  kingsley.ezeugwu@esut.edu.ng
Ukonu Onwuegbuhala Ihuoma, Barr. Ukonu  00000000000  ihuoma.ukonu@esut.edu.ng
Michael Chukwuemeka, Barr. Oyere  00000000000  michael.oyere@esut.edu.ng
Samuel, Barr. Nnamani Ogbodo  08093214578  samuel.nnamani@esut.edu.ng
Dr. Obeagu, Christian C.  07021435971  christian.obeagu@esut.edu.ng
Vincent Obetta, Barr. Vincent  00000000000  vincent.obetta@esut.edu.ng
Dr. Obika, Obika Cyril  07021457893  cyril.obika@esut.edu.ng
Enesha Collins, Barr. Enesha  00000000000  collins.enesha@esut.edu.ng
Paul Obinna, Barr. Okenwa  09082315478  obinna.okenwa@esut.edu.ng
Amaefula, Barr. Eberechi Regina  07123147852  ebere.amaefula@esut.edu.ng
Ifeanyi Okoli, Barr. Ifeanyi  00000000000  ifeanyi.okoli@esut.edu.ng
Onaga Anthonis, Barr. Onaga  00000000000  anthonis.onaga@esut.edu.ng
Nichodemus Anayo, Barr. Edeh  00000000000  nichodemus.edeh@esut.edu.ng
Victoria Iruka, Barr. Ukeje  00000000000  victoria.ukeje@esut.edu.ng
Nwabiem Linus, Barr. Nwabiem  00000000000  linus.nwabiem@esut.edu.ng
O. M., Barr. Udaya  00000000000  emmanuel.udaya@esut.edu.ng
C. Joelle, Barr. Nwabueze  00000000000  joelle.nwabueze@esut.edu.ng
Maria C., Barr. Onuegbulam  00000000000  maria.onuegbulam@esut.edu.ng
Chinyere Nwakauche, Barr. Maudline  00000000000  maudline.nwakauche@esut.edu.ng
Mrs. Agbowo Egbo, Henrietta  07054732197  henrietta.agbowoegbo@esut.edu.ng
C. Okoro, Barr. Celestine  07084521793  celestine.okoro@esut.edu.ng
Dr. Godwin, Gwu Emeka  07012453987  emeka.ngwu@esut.edu.ng
Chukwuemeka N., Barr. Igboekwu  00000000000  chukwuemeka.igboekwu@esut.edu.ng
Daniel Udochukwu, Barr. Nnam  00000000000  daniel.nnam@esut.edu.ng
Walter Chinonso, Barr. Ugwuozor  00000000000  walter.ugwuozor@esut.edu.ng
Paschal Aniede, Barr. Ifeanyichukwu  00000000000  pascal.aniede@esut.edu.ng
Chukwuemeka Ani, Barr. Tobias  00000000000  chukwuemeka.ani@esut.edu.ng
Ife Ogbonna, Dr. Joseph  00000000000  joseph.ifeogbonna@esut.edu.ng
Dr. Aduaka, Charles  08015555555  charles.aduaka@esut.edu.ng
Gregory Ndidi, Mbah  00000000000  gregory.mbah@esut.edu.ng
Ozobu, Amaka  00000000000  amaka.ozobu@esut.edu.ng
Francis, Omeje  00000000000  francis.omeje@esut.edu.ng
Paulin, Obijuru  00000000000  paulin.obijuru@esut.edu.ng
Romanus, Ozioko  00000000000  romanus.ozioko@esut.edu.ng
Juliana, Ogbuosi  00000000000  juliana.ogbuosi@esut.edu.ng
Aneke, Nnenna  00000000000  nnenna.aneke@esut.edu.ng
Nwanneka, Barr. Mba  00000000000  nwanneka.mba@esut.edu.ng
Felicia, Nweke  00000000000  felicia.nweke@esut.edu.ng
Georginia, Ene  00000000000  georginia.ene@esut.edu.ng
Ezinwa, Eucharia  00000000000  eucharia.ezinwa@esut.edu.ng
Ugbo, Eric  08065124441  eric.ugbo@esut.edu.ng
Mrs. Nwakuche, Chinyere Maudline  07024531789  maudline.nwakuche@esut.edu.ng
Prof. Ogbu, Osita Nnamani  07084512789  osita.ogbu@esut.edu.ng
Ernest Anibueze, Agu  07098574213  agu.ernest@esut.edu.ng
Mrs. Ezedum, Nneka Chioma  08035075066  nneka.ezedum@esut.edu.ng
Ani, Collins Chijioke  07021387952  ani.collins@esut.edu.ng
Eze, Amechi Augustus  08097254178  eze.amechi@esut.edu.ng
Dr. Onuegbulam, Chigozie Maria  07021473982  chigozie.onuegbulam@esut.edu.ng

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 08113693802  info@esut.edu.ng  http://www.esut.edu.ng


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