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The Political Science Department of ESUT was established in 1991 following the splitting of the old Anambra State University of Science and Technology and Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. The department was first located at Adada campus and later relocated to Enugu in 1995 under the headship of then Dr. D.O Okanya, now Prof. The movement to Enugu afforded the department the opportunity to fully settle down as more offices and classrooms were provided for staff and students.

Between 1998 and 2000, Drs. R.O Oji and F.C Asogwa were Heads of Department and between 2001 and 2006, Mr. Nicodemus Abonyi presided over the affairs of the department which he handed over to Dr. Sam Ugwu, now a Professor who was succeeded in 2007 by Dr. Mrs Okafor, whose tenure lasted till 2011 when the then Dr. F.C Asogwa, now a Professor took over and presided over the affairs of the department till 2012 when he handed over to then Dr. Sam Ugwu, now a Professor. Prof. Ugwu on his own, handed over the baton to Dr. R.A Onuigbo who headed the department till 2015 when then Dr. Jide Chime, now Professor took over and presided till 2020 when he handed over to then Dr. Ifeanyi Odoziobodo, now a Professor and current head of department.

In 2008, the Enugu State University of Science and Technology moved from Enugu to it's permanent .site in Ebeano city, Agbani with more facilities at its disposal. The department of Political Science was among the departments that moved to Ebeano City and today, the department is not only enjoying more space but more lecturers. Currently, the department parades 5 professors, one Associate Professor, 4 senior lecturers, 2 lecturer 1 and 2 Assistant Lecturers.

The department has also produced graduates who have excelled and distinguished themselves in various fields of human endeavour.

Undergraduate Study

The department offers B.Sc in Political Science

Postgraduate Study

The department offers M.Sc and PhD in Political Science


Prof. Okanya, Daniel  09025879412  daniel.okanya@esut.edu.ng
Prof. Chime, Jide  08082451387  jide.chime@esut.edu.ng
Mr. Okolie, Donald  08089532147  donald.okolie@esut.edu.ng
Dr. Ngozi Eleje, Joy  08014785214  joy.eleje@esut.edu.ng
Dr. Okibe Banko, Hyginus  07082134597  hyginus.banko@esut.edu.ng
Dr. Mbaeze, Christian  08052314789  christian.mbaeze@esut.edu.ng
Dr. Eneasato, Benjamin  08021239874  benjamin.eneasato@esut.edu.ng
Dr. Nnamani, Felix  07012458793  felix.nnamani@esut.edu.ng
Okolie, Aloysius-michaels Nnabugwu  08032000000  vice-chancellor@esut.edu.ng
Dr. Ogbodo, Stephen  08092135478  stephen.ogbodo@esut.edu.ng
Dr. Udenta, Nkiruka  09014458712  nkiruka.udenta@esut.edu.ng
Mr. Anikwe, Johnson  08092315478  johnson.anikwe@esut.edu.ng

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 08033706200  info@esut.edu.ng  http://www.esut.edu.ng


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