Dr. Nsude, Okechukwu Paul
Lecturer | ICH

Dr. Nsude Okechukwu Paul is married to Nsude Chinenye Joy and together with (3) three children, currently serving as a Lecturer in the Department of Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Natural sciences, Enugu State University of science and Technology with B.Eng in Polymer and Textile Eng. from FUTO 2010, MSc in Polymer Chemistry ESUT 2017, PGDE in Edu. Foundation NTI UNIZIK Awka and Ph.D in Polymer Chemistry, ESUT 2022. Member ACS, CSN and PIN, He is responsible for carrying out teaching and research duties, involved in administration of degree and some post graduates courses as well as, supervising seminar, post graduate and degree research work, setting up Exams, writing research proposals, papers and other publications. he is consistent, hard working and highly motivated person with strong leadership and relationship building skills.
Undergraduate Qualifications
B. Engineering (Polymer and Textile Engineering) FUTO, 2010
Postgraduate Qualifications
Ph. D Polymer Chemistry, ESUT, 2022. PGDE (NTI), 2018, MSc. Polymer Chemistry, 2017
Professional Qualifications
(1) Advanced Digital Appreciation Program for Tertiary Institutions on statistical package for social science, Digital Bridge Institute, Abuja 2019.(2) Certificate of training on Analytical Equipment, International Energy Services Limited, Port Harcourt, Rivers State 2016 (3) Emergency management Vanguard, NEMA, Calabar 2010(4) Certificate of Participation/Training 5th International Conference/Training Workshop on Energy for Sustainable Development in Africa, UNN 2022 (5) Certificate of Participation on gaining the edge of attracting and winning research grants for Digital Age. ESUT 2021 Certificate of Participation.
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Book Publication
1. General Chemistry Practical ( ICH111) Manual, Dr, C. E. Ezeh, C. O Ike and Dr. P. O Nsude
2. Organic Chemistry Practical ( ICH224) Manual, Dr. P. I Udeozo and Dr. P. O Nsude

Previous Employment
1. National directorate of employment (NDE),Graduate Assessment Program (GAP) at Enugu state Broadcasting service ESBS, (Engineering Dept.2011)
2. National Youth Service Corps, Government Sec. Sch. Anantigha, Calabar South L.G.A. (Teaching Chemistry and Intro tech, 2010)
3. Assistant Registration officer/Polling Officer INEC, 2011
4. SCC Pipe Factory,Quality Control Department, Bwarri Abuja, (Industrial training, 2007)
5. Academic Technologist in Industrial Chemistry, 2012 to 2020
6. ADHOC Staff National Open University. Chemistry Practical Instructor.