Dr. Nwankwo, Caroline Nkechinyere
Lecturer | ACC

Undergraduate Qualifications
Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting (Second Class Upper): Enugu State University of Science and Technology, (ESUT) Enugu
Postgraduate Qualifications
M.Sc. & Ph.D in Accounting: Ebonyi State University, Ebonyi State.
Professional Qualifications
* Associate Member, Institute of Cost and Management Accountants (4152)
Profit optimizing potentials of firms in an industry: an assessment of the impact of trade associations in the chemical and allied industry in Enugu metropolis, Nigeria; The determination of exchange rates; Interactions between exchange rate and financial performance indicators in Nigeria beer industry: evidence from Nigeria breweries Plc; Interactions between earnings and share prices in Nigeria brewery industry; Does earning per share determine market price of ordinary shares? Evidence from Nigeria banking sector; Effect of the theory of life cycle on size of firms in Nigeria brewery industry; The effect of corporate & tertiary education tax in Nigeria economic growth; Internal control system and working capital of manufacturing firms in Nigeria; Does corporate social responsibility enhance return on assets? Evidence from manufacturing firms in Nigeria; Exchange rate and foreign private investment in Nigeria; The impact of corporate social responsibility reporting on profitability of Nigerian manufacturing firms; Evaluating the effect of intangible assets on economic value added of selected manufacturing firms in Nigeria; The effect of tax evasion and avoidance on Nigeria's economic growth; Effect of financial ratios on operational performance of selected brewery firms in Nigeria; Insurance regulation in Nigeria: a review of differences in provisions between the 1997 insurance decree and the 2003 insurance act; Impact of nominal and real interest rate on commercial bank deposit volume in Nigeria; Financial inclusion and economic growth: evidence from the Nigerian economy; Causal relationship between corporate governance and return on assets of Nigerian firms; Insurance and economic growth: evidence from Nigeria; Effect of international financial reporting standards on sustainability disclosure in Nigeria; Effect of toxic assets on financial performance of commercial banks in Nigeria; Accountability and transparency in the Nigeria local government system: problems and prospects; Expanding the roe of external auditors in managing fraud in the financial sector: problems and prospects; Globalization and its impact on accounting practices and financial reporting in developing nations: a case study of Nigeria; The Nigerian stock exchange: a bane for sustainable economic development; Outsourcing as a technique of cost minimization; The Nigerian stock exchange clearing system; Earning management and corporate governance; An assessment of the effectiveness of distress management policies of central bank of Nigeria; Evaluation of the relationship between ownership concentration and financial performance of deposit money banks in Nigeria; Relevance of cost-volume-profit analysis on firms' profitability in Nigeria; International financial reporting standards for SMEs (IFRS for SMEs): an evaluation of level of adoption and implementation based on firm size in Nigeria; Effect of fundamental accounting variables on share price variations of selected firms in Nigeria food and beverage industry; Impact of business characteristics on financial performance of pharmaceutical industries in Nigeria securities exchange

Book Publication
Accounting for specialized Business: A practical guide; Consolidated and other Accounts: Theory and Practice; A Primer on Electronic Accounting

Previous Employment